The Champions League celebrations in Barcelona and Wembley seem a rather distant memory a few weeks on, but Nike Town did its best to prolong things
with an in-store event that seemed to be capturing the imagination of everyone entering the store.

Welcome to ‘Panna Ko One On One Football’. Don’t worry about the name, the point is that two players head for an in-store pitch and go head to head for three minutes with one representing Manchester United and the other Barcelona. The winner stays on and, in case you were wondering, a panna is to nutmeg your opponent.

Still none too sure what all of this actually means? It doesn’t matter, the outcome is that Nike Town has used its ground fl oor event space to good effect,
drawing the crowds: spectators and players alike.

You have to hand it to Nike Town in London. It has made the most of what is arguably football’s biggest prize, other than the World Cup, with the substantial
atrium at the entrance plastered with the Barcelona strip and references to the team seemingly all over the shop. The other point about this store is that it has changed overall and looks very different from just a couple of years ago. Most of the in-store elements, whether it’s the women’s floor at the top of the shop, or the basketball area on a lower level, have been examined, remodelled and had compelling visual merchandising elements installed.

As such, this is an object lesson in how to take an existing space and not just update it but provide fresh reasons for shoppers to come in and take a look around.