Australian butcher Victor Churchill has carved out an entirely unique proposition with its design-led store, selling meat in Woollahra.

This one’s been around for some time and is almost as much a tourist attraction as the harbour bridge and the opera house in the same city.

Victor Churchill is a butcher in Sydney where the rich buy their meat and the not so well-heeled go for non-vegan treats. They do so because while meat is a main attraction, so is the shop itself.

In the normal run of things, butchers are places where burly men carve up pieces of dead animal while wearing blood-stained aprons.

Not so in Victor Churchill where the butchers are in a glass-fronted room, the sides of beef rotate continually in a transparent chiller room and a single piece of charcuterie is contained within a bell jar on which multiple copper CCTVs are trained.

This is meat as theatre and the lucky – and affluent – shoppers in the Woollahra district have not ceased frequenting it since it opened a little over five years ago.

Not to everybody’s taste perhaps, but it’s hard not to notice the life-size spring lamb models that form the current window display. This should be on the must-visit list for any trip to the Aussie city.