Ever considered buying a crab-shaped TV, pincers included? A visit to HannSpree might make this improbable prospect at least a possibility.

While this Taiwan-based company might specialise in technology with a quirky twist, its first European store feels quite at home alongside Westfield London’s more mainstream stores.

This shop is a menagerie of TVs taking animal form, but sensory overload is avoided thanks to the simple, spacious layout. It is a white box against which the products really can shine, nip, bite or savage. The stock is arranged along the walls with three mid-shop displays and wide aisles, making in-store navigation a catwalk. It’s an environment that allows the merchandise to feel more like a series of idiosyncratic statement pieces instead of novelty items.

The white high-gloss surfaces and wooden floor provide the blank canvas, enlivened not just by the stock; there are also imposing lifestyle (TV-lifestyle, that is) perimeter graphics. Whatever your view of the product, HannSpree deserves respect for achieving something that the majority of electricals retailers have not: the creation of an electricals interior that actually raises a smile - a tall order in a sector where efficiency and depth of range tend to be the key drivers.

Mildly disappointing then that one of the more fetching products displayed was not actually for sale. Coloured apples, featuring doors that open to reveal TV screens, seemed available but were not as they were analogue rather than digital. HannSpree could do worse than updating its apple TVs to match the rest of the offer.