Energie and Miss Sixty are two gender-divided sides of the same coin, from the same Italian company.

Miss Sixty is a jeans-based casual fashion range for women, while Energie is more or less the same thing, but for men. And both are available at the 2,500 sq ft, two-floor Miss Sixty/Energie flagship on Carnaby Street that has just come through an eight-week makeover costing “in excess of £500,000”. For the space involved, this sounds a lot of money, but stand outside the store and you can begin to understand why this is the case.

For a start, there are the blinking eyes that dominate the main window. These outsize eyeballs, complete with heavily mascaraed-eyelashes, which wink non-stop at passers-by, are certainly interesting and make this one of the area’s more arresting fashion sights.

Walk inside and the store pulls out all the visual merchandising tricks of the moment, from the jeans hanging in a row, each suspended by a single belt-loop, to Op-art wallpaper and backlit perimeter shelves. Wherever you glance, something will capture your gaze.

There is equal floor space between the sexes with the ground floor being for women and the first for men –
usually womenswear is given more space. There has also been fairly substantial structural work undertaken, which has enlarged the internal space on both levels.

Fashion stores come and go in this neck of the woods, but with this new fit-out, the Miss Sixty/Energie store, which had been something of an also-ran, looks set to remain one of the longer lasting fixtures.