The point where sportswear collides with casualwear can go one of two ways - into the realms of the chavtastic, or into the world of the poshboy relaxing at the weekend.

In spite of its proximity to Twickenham, Digdeep, a new store in Richmond, is neither of these things and is instead a place that the male shopper can go to get something that will look right in town, the country or even the city.

And much of its appeal lies in the store design that succeeds in taking a distinctly unprepossessing position, on a corner with a curved frontage, and manages to make it the kind of place that you might go out of your way to visit.

And a major part of this appeal lies in the very tight palette of materials and colours that has been imposed on this relatively small space. Black and grey, with orange as an accent colour, combine to create a quiet and overtly masculine space, lifted by lightboxes with butch-looking types set against a white background and graphics featuring a rugby match.

Wooden floorboards painted black, and orange restraining straps with chunky metal clasps (used to hang garments from), of the kind used to ensure that slippage doesn’t happen, complete the picture and make this a store that is unfussy, but efficient looking. Designing stores for men is never straightforward as, in broad terms, you have to start from the position that many of them will not actually want to be in your store in the first place.

Digdeep, however, provides an environment that will favour with most men and where they might just actually choose to linger.