Read the blurb on the Citadium website and a bold claim is made that this four-floor, circular temple to fashion is (in a loose translation) “more than a shop, Citaduium today is a way of life where shopping is in tune with fashion, music and events”.

This actually sounds pretty nebulous, but since the summer, it has been a reasonable summary of the experience you are likely to get if you visit this Printemps-owned style-seekers destination in the heart of Paris.

The 43,000 sq ft store was originally launched as a branded sports superstore, but had latterly failed to capture the imagination of youth shoppers. Now relaunched as a fashion store, it has most of the things that you’d expect of a shop specialising in streetwear and operating on a large scale, from DJs playing with decks just inside the entrance to Paris’ largest collection of trainers. It also has an assembly of streetwear brands that you probably won’t recognise if you’ve already celebrated your 21st birthday and the crowds of young shoppers that fill each of the store’s levels reinforce this point.

The store also contains a large Pull & Bear concession, which Printemps president Paolo De Cesare says is the Inditex brand’s second most successful shop, being topped only by a branch in Barcelona. The point about this store is that if you aren’t young it may well feel intimidating, but for those lucky enough to fall into the relevant demographic, this is a retail space that is perfectly in tune with its target market. And if you really are too old, you can always exit, cross the street and sample the more grown-up delights of the Printemps flagship.