Remember Etam? As a retail brand it was around for years before Arcadia took the UK chain off its French parent’s hands in 2005. Since then it has vanished from UK high streets, but is alive and kicking in France and Undiz is a spin-off fascia that the company has been trialling since last year and that it is now rolling out.

This branch, opened last autumn, is in the Forum des Halles shopping centre in the middle of Paris and the difference between it and its Etam lingerie parent is immediately apparent – it looks and feels younger.

Undiz managing director Marie Schott says that this store is about catering for the different buying habits of lingerie shoppers aged between 15 and 25, who demand bolder colours and a break from the pastel-led interiors that typify a normal shop within the sector.

Schott says that following work with an external design consultant, a store blueprint emerged with more open windows, affording views into the interior and with stronger lighting. Average selling prices are also sharply lower than the competition, with E7.90 (£7.29) being the top price for a brief, while no bra costs more than E14.90 (£13.75).

The real point about this store, however, is that it represents an admission of the need for foundation wear to be treated liked any other fashion category – with more than a passing nod towards present interior trends. Schott says: “We are still working on where we want to be with this, but we are pleased with the results so far.”

A good-looking space then and a clear break from the sector norm.