Ugg shops, like its footwear, tend to tread a fairly well-described path and there is almost a sense that, if you’ve seen one, you’ll know exactly what to expect when you encounter the next.

To an extent, this is true of the new store that has just opened at the bottom of London’s Glasshouse Street, around the corner from Piccadilly.

The thing that makes this store different, however, is the architecture, with the entrance being protected by a semi-circular canopy. If you stand back from it you can see along Glasshouse Street and the thoroughfare that runs diagonally away from it, with Ugg at the axis of a triangle where the two streets converge. A focal point, therefore, and one that demands attention.

The other feature of the exterior is the manner in which the canopy is allowed to continue from the front of the store to cover the windows on both streets, providing a unified whole. Enough of the exterior, however. Within, the curved exterior is complemented with an almost equally curved interior and the palette of materials used is broadly what would be expected of an Ugg store.

That said, the suspended ceiling rafts, in the shape of concentric white semi-circles, leading to a central dark wood feature from which a globular chandelier hangs, once more confounds what one would expect.

After this, it’s more or less Ugg business as usual, but the store does serve to show how, handled sensitively, a retail space can be massively improved by showing off what is already there. If you want to see what a more standard branch from this retailer looks like, simply head down to Knightsbridge or Westfield London.