It’s not often that Streatham makes it into the pages of this magazine and this is definitely the first instance of the south London suburb boasting a store of the week.
It’s also the first tine a pharmacy has been selected for the purpose and although the name, Streatham Pharmacy, may be disarmingly direct, it has an interior that would put the great majority of UK chemists and dispensaries to shame.

The units and store design are the work of Italian pharmacy designers Sartoretto Verna, which specialises in creating the kind of upscale interiors that you find in continental Europe, but which are almost unknown in this country. Owner Nazim Ali has spent around£500,000 on fitting-out the 2,000 sq ft interior and – with its translucent, internally-lit fixturing, seating and back-lit perimeter shelving – this is a bright and very contemporary space.

Pride of place, however, must go to the robot-operated dispensary, the only one of its kind in the UK within a retail environment. A piece of curved glass at the back of the shop allows those seeking relief from a touch of flu, for example, to watch as the£185,000 robot whizzes along the pharmacy shelves and selects the appropriate remedy. It even restocks, putting new supplies into the right place when not attending to the needs of the sick and ailing.

This is how you wish all pharmacies felt and while it is certainly not a cheap solution to the dilemma of creating a pharmacy interior, in the context of downtown Streatham, it is likely to attract more than its fair share of attention.