One of the complaints often levelled against technology retailers is that however slick their products, the shops themselves are cold, impersonal spaces. Sony has attempted to overcome this in the French capital with its Sony Style flagship store.

This is a shop that seeks to marry the overtly masculine world of techno gadgets with an environment that mimics the domestic interiors of Paris’s Grands Boulevards. Opened at the end of last year and designed by consultancy Saguez & Partners, the 10,765 sq ft (1,000 sq m) shop spreads over three floors and makes full use of the building’s Haussmann architecture.

Practically, this means a series of showrooms ranging from the ground floor’s Sony United, a space for the brand’s latest innovations, to the basement’s Sony at Home, where shoppers can shut themselves off in Tubes – cubicles for gamers.

The influence of Apple is clear on the first floor, which, as well as a mobile products area dubbed Sony with Me, has an Experience Bar where shoppers can test-drive the merchandise.

The store’s location on the ritzy, old-moneyed Avenue George V, the nearest equivalent being perhaps London’s Piccadilly, means that the target market is one where price is probably not the overriding consideration.

Little expense has been spared on the interior, with a materials palette that includes red and white carpets, black and white Corian (a marble-like surface) and brushed steel.