Não do Brasil is a shoe brand and retail chain specialising in footwear made from recycled materials.

Its only branch in Germany can be found in Berlin’s trendy Mitte district. Open since February, the store does two things. The first is that no matter where you look in the shop every shoe seems to be different and, because they are merchandised in a fashionably monochrome setting, the shoes present a riot of colour.

The second aspect is that shoes are only displayed around the perimeter of the space, with each shelf hosting a different shoe size. This makes it pretty straightforward for customers to find their size and ensures that they can ‘read’ the way the store is laid out with minimal fuss. This layout also means that the middle of the shop is, effectively empty, which allows several customers to inspect the offer en masse equally easy.

Não do Brasil was originally set up as a retail operation in France. The chain has since grown so that there now are branches in the sunspot of the French Riviera and Paris, as well as single stores in other European cities such as Lisbon in Portugal and Florence in Italy.

The name Não do Brasil is itself a curious choice. It translates as ‘not of Brazil’ and yet all the stock is hand-sewn and originates from workshops in the Minas Geraïs region of the South American country. So the name Não do Brasil is a mild contradiction.

The retailer’s only UK branch at the Bluewater shopping centre was short-lived. The company now appears to be concentrating on spreading the word in other European cities.

Nonetheless, as an exercise in creating something that really is different from what other retailers in the category are doing, this concept takes some beating.