As a proposition, Spirit, the young fashion department at Selfridges’ flagship store on Oxford Street, would not normally be eligible for consideration as a Store of the Week.

However, with it standing at one of the eastern extremes of the building and having its own entrance, it is sufficiently separated from the rest of the shop to merit inclusion, providing something new is taking place within its environs.

Equally, although it is very much a part of Selfridges’ offer, it also happens to be much larger than most standalone stores that seek to provide modish clothing for well-heeled youth.

Shoppers walking through Spirit at the moment will be confronted by a 100 ft-long graphic frieze, which has just been installed along the length of its mezzanine level and inside the 25 fitting rooms that occupy that floor. The graphics have been designed by fashion retailer and design house Paul Franks, based in California. Local implementation has been undertaken by iLove and all of the images relate to the retailer’s summer ranges.

The pictures that have been created are a series of 1970s-style cartoon-like pictograms, capitalising on the vogue for graffiti drawing, which has found a ready market among contemporary art collectors. Selfridges is well-known for its collaboration with artists and names such as Julian Opie, Spencer Tunick and Banksy have all had their work displayed in the store in recent years.

The installation is on view until early next month.

Store of the week by John Ryan.