Retailers that focus on digital solutions and signage are better positioned to make a faster comeback and prosper in the months to come. Trust Systems’ Ben Dowson outlines seven key components and questions for retailers to consider.

This year we’ve seen predicted trends accelerate as a result of the challenges Covid-19 has brought. Online has become part of the fabric of shopping but, rather than seeing this as signalling the demise of the store, it instead offers an opportunity for retailers to innovate and embrace change. 

Changing the standard retail store template is a must and begins with marrying business strategy to technology exploitation. 

Utilising digital, mobile and cloud technology provides retailers with the opportunity to push change while harnessing the flexibility these technologies provide.

Changing the standard retail store template is a must and begins with marrying business strategy to technology exploitation

Through our partnership with Samsung we are working together to ensure customers leverage digital signage to enhance the customer experience of their stores. In turn, we are enabling them to drive return on investment by increasing customer loyalty, sales, levels of customer understanding and much more.

Having worked with various well-known retailers to design, develop, deploy and manage digital transformation, here are the core components I believe are essential to ensure digital success. 

1. Objectives

What do you want to get out of digital assets?

Your digital signage transformation must have very clearly agreed objectives. There are many misconceptions around the potential ROI; however, if you ensure all parts of your business are engaged, then the outcomes will be clear and demonstrable. 

The display of product and pricing is invariably the driver to consider investment into digital screens – we believe your brand has more value and is more important than displaying a tin of beans or an item of clothing.

By utilising digital screens as a platform, you will be able to get creative, use animation and video, and guarantee valid content in real time. 

2. Locations


Where can you maximise most on digital screens?

The deployment of digital assets does not mean anywhere and everywhere. Thoughtful planning for the positioning of digital displays is essential in the journey to a great customer experience and the achievement of your business goals. 

3. Fit for purpose

Is your digital asset suitable? There is a lot of choice on the market and picking the right screen is important. There are five core elements to consider in a consumer environment: 

  • Diversity of products 
  • Approach to innovation
  • Security 
  • Geographical coverage 
  • Commercial ownership options

4. Enclosures and housing

How will you install your digital signage? The housing of your digital screen is more than just about health and safety and security –  it is an essential part of reinforcing your brand image. 

There needs to be thoughtful consideration around how displays are either installed in a new build or as part of a retrofit programme.

5. Content management

Who, or in this case what, will manage your digital content?

Understanding the importance of a powerful and intuitive content management solution is vital as it equips administrators with the ability to create, monitor, manage and schedule outstanding and impactful media content.

6. Collaboration 

How can your teams support one another?

Collaborating with various stakeholders to deliver the best solution is a necessity.

Working together with the screen manufacturer, a retailer’s in-house team, any external design or advertising agency and regional and store management teams, along with head office, is crucial to ensure the best possible solution and content. 

7. Partnering up 

Trust RWC Picture2

How will you benefit from a managed service solution?

Working with a service provider who can provide everything in one solution, from design to deployment to in-life management, enables you to maximise the advantages of digital technology quickly and effectively. 

In a time where there is a need to seamlessly blend the physical and digital environment, digital signage provides an enormous opportunity to improve customer experience and engagement. 

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Ben Dowson

Ben Dowson is senior account manager at Trust Systems

He has worked with many leading retailers, such as Aldi, MidCounties Co-op, Dobbies and Holland & Barrett.

Working collaboratively with customers is central to Dowson’s ethos to deliver digital transformation. Over the past few years, he has worked closely with Samsung to develop a complete offering in the digital signage arena.

Dowson’s understanding of the challenges and opportunities available to retailers is extensive. Most recently, he has worked on the design and development of a deployment of more than 2,000 screens across 700+ stores.