Global learnings from champions of equality 


Equality. Diversity. Inclusivity. They are words that have taken on so much more meaning in the past 12 months, driven by gender pay gap regulations and the #MeToo movement.

Be Inspired’s inaugural report, How to Build a Female Leader, uncovers how businesses globally are creating a culture that allows women to thrive, without breaking the bank.

Download the report to:

  • Unearth how a culture of equality can have a positive impact on productivity, utilising research from Be Inspired headline partner Accenture
  • Understand what good looks like globally, drawing on global case studies from outside retail
  • Learn the behaviours and policies that make women feel empowered at work, including interviews with the Be Inspired community
  • Hear about Card Factory chief executive Karen Hubbard’s thinking on inclusivity, and learnings from her journey to the top.