Primark has started surveying the Bangladesh factories it uses to guarantee their structural integrity in the wake of the Rana Plaza collapse.

The surveys will assess planning records - including structural drawings where available - evaluate building integrity, inspect the standard of construction and materials, and check other issues such as the location and loading of heavy machinery.

Primark is using Dhaka-based structural and civil engineers Medway Consultancy Services to carry out the assessments.

A Primark spokesperson said: “We already have an extensive and established fire safety programme, which we have now extended to include these surveys on structural integrity.

“We believe the Accord on Building and Fire Safety that we recently signed, along with other brands in Geneva, is the way forward to sustainable positive change in Bangladesh. However, the implementation will take time and we felt that we could not wait. Our work will be absorbed within the implementation framework of the Accord over time.”

“We want everyone, especially the workers themselves, to be confident that Primark products are produced in safe factories.”