The £14m overhaul of Piccadilly and its surrounding streets has been completed which will ease congestion for shoppers in the area.

On Piccadilly an extra 480 sq m of usable footway has been provided and new central pedestrian strips have been constructed that will make it easier to cross the road.

New street lighting on the central strips has been combined with traffic signals and road signs cutting down on street clutter.

Mayor of London  Boris Johnson led a convoy of vintage cars and a classic Routemaster along Piccadilly today which has also returned to two-way traffic for the first time since the early 60s.

The return to two-way traffic on Piccadilly, Pall Mall and St James’s Street, combined with improved traffic signalling, should reduce queues of traffic in the area.

Improving journey times should mean quicker deliveries and savings for businesses in the area.

Johnson said: “These substantial works have breathed new life into one of the capital’s greatest boulevards. This will ease the flow of traffic and is a terrific example of the work we are doing to provide better and more attractive streets in the capital that will inspire and delight everyone that uses them.”