Fast-food giant McDonald’s has announced the trial of a new workwear collection for its employees, marking the first change in the company’s uniform since 2016.

McDonald's 2024 new uniforms

McDonald’s has unveiled a new staff uniform

McDonald’s staff will now be able to select whichever items from the collection they feel most comfortable in so that each employee’s uniform “best reflects their own identity”.

McDonald’s said the collection puts “sustainability at the heart of its design” and the business will be encouraging recycling of all uniforms at the end of their lifecycle.

The collection includes a range of T-shirts, polo shirts, jeans, chinos, denim skirts, bucket hats, bandanas, beanie hats and caps.

Updated versions of its maternity wear and religious headwear will also launch in the “near future”.

The uniforms will be trialled in selected restaurants and the final collection is expected to launch across all McDonald’s branches across the UK and Ireland in 2025.

McDonald’s UK and Ireland chief people officer James Thorne said: “Our people are at the heart of everything we do, so I’m excited to get their feedback on what we think is a fantastic range.

“The collection will give team members the opportunity to really create a look that reflects who they are – while still absolutely looking and feeling like part of the team.”