Morrisons’ former chairman and grocery giant Ken Morrison was notorious for his straight-talking style. Here are some of his best quotes.

On the North/South divide:

“There’s not so much difference down there. They say poor people need a bargain. Wealthy people appreciate one.”

On running supermarkets:

“It’s just taking money off people, and giving them something in return.”

On learning his trade:

“[I’ve had] no formal education for anything… I learnt my craft at the dining room table with my dad talking about things.”

On Dalton Philips’ business strategy at Morrisons AGM in 2014:

“When I left work and started working as a hobby, I chose to raise cattle.

“I have something like 1,000 bullocks and, having listened to your presentation, Dalton, you’ve got a lot more bullshit than me.”

On how the grocer decided where to open new stores

“We get on a bus and we look for chimney pots.”

On his wife’s reaction to Morrisons’ Safeway bid

“Strangely enough, I didn’t tell my wife at the beginning. What did she say when I did tell her? She said nothing, she said: ‘Your tea’s ready.’”

On his management style:

“If you mop the floor, or you’re the managing director, a nice pat on the head goes down well occasionally.

“Just as a kick up the backside is required sometimes.”

On home delivery:

“I started my career doing that [on a bicycle] and I don’t intend to do it again.”