Echochamber and Retail Week scour the globe to track down the most impressive retail concepts. This month, we travel to South Australia to pamper ourselves at Jurlique’s all-natural store…

Jurlique, Adelaide, Australia

The white box is the standard template for health and beauty retailing. Yet with the increasing focus on the natural, organic and authentic, the trend is shifting towards something gentler and less clinical.

Jurlique has developed a new-format store in its home town of Adelaide, which uses its own business as the design inspiration, bringing authenticity into the retail experience. Founded in 1985 by Austrian Naturopath and herbalists Dr Jurgen and Ulrike Klein, Jurlique grows 95 per cent of the natural ingredients that make up its products in two farms in the Mount Barker hills outside Adelaide.

Designed by Sydney agency Landini Associates, the store is located in an elegant allotment shed, clad in reclaimed sawn-timber planks. Back-lit panels mimic daylight streaming though frosted glass, while a video wall at the back provides a view into Jurlique’s real farm greenhouses.

Plants in trays sit alongside the products and galvanized watering cans and wooden crates are used as props. The point of sale is carved onto smooth, chunky wooden blocks.

This store is proof that great design is often about revealing a brand’s true roots.

Back-lit walls
Video wall projection
Natural props
Communal consultation