Wilkinson has increased customer conversion rates and average order values on its Wilkinson Plus ecommerce site.

Conversion rates are up 23% and average order values have risen 16% since it added an intelligent recommendations tool to its Venda ecommerce platform in late June.

The system generates product recommendations for each individual site visitor based on where they have come to the site from, where they go, what they add to their basket and what they go on to buy.

Wilkinson Plus marketing manager Stuart Carlisle said: “We wanted a solution that could merchandise relevant products across dozens of categories.”

He explained that the Venda Behavioral Merchandising system, which was provided in partnership with Avail Intelligence, is improving conversion rates by offering customers the correct product more speedily. Carlisle added: “At the same time we’ve also increased basket size by showing customers products they might not have initially come to buy, but were useful to them,” he added.

Wilkinson’s merchandising team is benefiting from the introduction of the technology. Carlisle explained that the fully automated system “saves us the work of defining individual rules for products that need to be promoted in many zones across the website”.