Razors and blades have been synonymous with the marketing strategy that has been used to sell them since King C Gillette started using razor blade handles as a loss-leader to encourage ongoing sales of his disposable razor blades in 1901.

But how do you take the razors and blades model online? Well, by selling razor blades, obviously.

Belgian start-up Raz*War talks a good game, promising “a revolution in shaving” and railing against the high price major suppliers charge for blades. But it’s really just taking the standard razor blade business school case study online – offering an inexpensive “starter kit” with its own uniquely shaped razor blade alongside several ongoing subscription plans for disposable blades.

Subscriptions are commonly used for online sales of some specialist disposable items, like prescription contact lenses, but it’s an idea that is catching on more broadly. And Raz*War may want to watch out – Gillette’s US transactional site also offers a razor blade subscription service.