Majestic Wine is aiming to improve engagement and interactivity on its website by localising content and revamping the product reviews process.

The wine retailer has handed over control of its individual store pages to shop managers and staff, who can update them with local news and information. The aim is to give parts of the retailer’s website more of a local feel, and to encourage customers to ask questions and interact. Each individual store now also has its own Twitter feed.

Majestic Wine ecommerce director Richard Weaver said: “We’re not the kind of retailer where you turn up, queue, pay and leave. Customers discuss their purchases with staff. We wanted to reflect that online.”

The company is also looking at improving the online customer reviews process so that shoppers can ask staff questions as well as give their opinions on products. It is also looking at how location-based networks such as Foursquare and Facebook Places can be used to increase the awareness of individual stores.

Weaver said the aim was not necessarily to boost web traffic or conversion rates, but to improve the customer experience online. He added the company was planning a range of other website improvements this year, working with ecommerce supplier Snow Valley.