Dreams is investing further in improving conversion rates to its ecommerce website as it seeks to build on strong online growth.

The step builds on a marked improvement in the retailer’s financial results over its last financial year. Dreams is focusing on improving online conversion rates after a significant investment in store refurbishments resulted in a 2-3% increase in in-store conversions and EBITDA of £6.9m.

The beds specialist has hired multichannel retail consultancy Practicology to help double its web conversion rate.

Dreams is using Practicology to “analyse performance and enhance usability on key pages of its ecommerce site, improving customer experience so a higher percentage of visitors buy something.”

Online sales have aided Dreams’ recovery and now accounts for 10% of all turnover. Dreams has pinpointed online sales as an area that can be enhanced to further increase profit.

Dreams head of ecommerce Richard Voyce said: “Now is the time to accelerate our online and multichannel activities, and optimise performance significantly.”