Entertainment group Game has formed a strategic partnership with on-demand and ‘cloud’ gaming specialist OnLive to provide the latter’s service to UK consumers.

Game will initially offer OnLive’s products such as instant-play video game services “delivering real-time interactive experiences and rich media” through its websites Game.co.uk and Gamestation.co.uk later this year, then make them available through its 615 shops.

The OnLive offer will be integrated with Game’s loyalty schemes and eventually rolled out across Europe and other markets.

Game chief executive Ian Shepherd said the tie-up was evidence of the retailer’s dedication to innovation. He said: “It will bring a totally new cloud based gaming platform to the UK customer. Through our websites and the teams in our stores we will introduce the OnLive service to millions of customers, and allow them to use cash and reward card points to buy games on OnLive.”

OnLive founder and chief executive Steve Perlman said: “Game has a close one-to-one connection with gamers in the UK, and OnLive provides a unique offering that, on the day of launch, reaches almost all gamers in the UK instantly through their broadband connection, whether on a TV, PC or Mac, and soon on iPad and Android tablets.

“The OnLive-Game relationship will bring an unprecedented level of choice, convenience and value for UK gamers, whether through the internet or in a retail store.”

Singer analyst Matthew McEachran said: “This partnership demonstrates Game’s willingness to adapt to the changing world of gaming as the digital shift accelerates.

“Through the partnership OnLive gets access to Game’s retail experience and customer base whereas for Game the partnership eliminates part of the risk from missing out on the digital revolution.”