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Back in business: stores reopened and reimagined Watch on demand

Stores reopened and reimagined: Using data and analytics to unlock exceptional customer experiences

Non-essential stores are reopening after weeks of closure. But while shops may be back in business, this is not retail as we know it.

Retailers find themselves working under strict regulations on how to keep staff and customers safe while getting to grips with long-lasting changes in how consumers want to shop; more importantly, what they want to buy; and making sure it is on-shelf and available.

Data analytics, mainly prescriptive analytics, will be the engine that powers this new world of retail. 

At this RWRC virtual event, a panel session in partnership with Zebra, we discussed:                                       

  • What the first week of reopening has shown: a leading ‘non-essential’ retailer will reveal how their customers’ in-store behaviour has changed, and the implications for workforces and merchandising
  • Learnings from essential retail: an essential retailer shares lessons learned from trading throughout the lockdown and what it means for the future of shopping, but more importantly for the worker and how we make it easier for them to serve the customer 
  • Why data will be the lynchpin to unlock growth: data and analytics have long been a key investment focus for retail, but our panel will explain why it will be even more critical as retail gets back on its feet

This event took place on June 25.