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Retail – never the same again? Watch on demand


Reflections from the last six months to guide what happens next

Panellists include:

  • Craig Bolton, executive director, Watches of Switzerland Group UK
  • Luke Taylor, retail director, Waterstones
  • Hayley-Jayne Cone, chief customer officer, JRNI   

The period from April to October 2020 has been one of the most testing times for UK retail and has separated the industry’s winners and losers. 

However, one thing shared by all retailers is that it’s been a time of learning and adaptation.

Back in June, Marks & Spencer chief executive Steve Rowe said “the world will never be the same again”. While some customer habits will return to normal, “others have changed forever”, he stated.

So, what are the habits and trends that have returned to relative normality? Which areas of retail will never be the same again? And which trends will stick as we enter 2021?  

Watch this free virtual event as we take a six-month retrospective and use this to provide some definitive answers as to what retailers and brands like yours should anticipate in the coming months.

Hear from Watches of Switzerland executive director Craig Bolton; Luke Taylor, retail director, Waterstones; and Hayley-Jayne Cone, chief customer officer, JRNI, on topics including:

  • Customer habits and behaviours that will remain and those that will change forever
  • Identifying new speed bumps in the path to purchase
  • The steps retailers can take to future-proof their business and mitigate risks

You can watch on demand any time you choose but you must register first to receive the link to the video after the live broadcast.