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Panellists include:

  • Sam Wright, category director, The Very Group
  • Adam Dury, chief commercial officer, Card Factory
  • John Federman, chief executive, JRNI

The golden quarter is always a nervous time for retailers, but this year all bets are off. 

In the last few months, some retailers enjoyed sales spikes but many more did not and have been forced to restructure, shutter stores and cut jobs in a bid to survive. 

With the global pandemic far from over, can retailers rely on Christmas to win back consumer spend? 

With so much at stake, now is the time for retailers like you to invest operationally to make sure you are set up to win this festive season.

Watch Retail Week and JRNI’s free virtual event on-demand to understand what you need to do operationally to prepare for the new Christmas ‘peak’ and how you can stand to make gains.

Hear from retailers and brands including The Very Group category director, electrical, Sam Wright; Adam Dury, chief commercial officer at Card Factory; and John Federman, CEO of JRNI; on the following: 

  • How new customer shopping journeys should be reflected in strategic investments
  • What that roadmap should look like and how to prioritise 
  • How to drive organisational change from root to tip

This event took place on August 25, 2020.