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A Christmas in uncharted territory Watch on demand


New consumer behaviours and what these mean for retailers 

Panellists include:

  • Nicola Thompson, chief operating officer, Made.com
  • Anna Blackburn, managing director, Beaverbrooks
  • Beth Horn, head of industry for retail and ecommerce, Facebook

Christmas is the most nail-biting time of year for retail, but this year it’s going to be like a white-knuckle ride.

As we enter a deep recession, following a huge period of uncertainty, how will consumers behave?  We have seen huge shifts in the consumer mindset in recent months – which trends are here to stay and what does that mean for retail in the all-important golden quarter?

This Retail Week virtual event, in association with Facebook, will provide the answers. 

Facebook head of industry for retail and ecommerce Beth Horn presents a deep dive into what the social network’s data is revealing about changes in consumer mindset and behaviour, followed by a panel discussion with leading retail experts including Made.com chief operating officer Nicola Thompson and Beaverbrooks managing director Anna Blackburn. 

Watch on demand and come away with a blueprint for strategic success for the golden quarter including:

  • A deep dive into consumer spend predictions 
  • Finding recovery at Christmas: how to rebuild for the year ahead
  • Communicating with consumers over the golden quarter

To make the viewing experience optimal, we recommend watching this event in full screen and giving it your full attention.