Top end department store Harvey Nichols has launched an advertising campaign targeting tourists visiting London to take advantage of the weak pound.

Harvey Nichols said it had seen a significant uplift in spend by international shoppers. Sales to Chinese shoppers are up 84 per cent, to Arabic shoppers up 66 per cent, Russian shoppers up 54 per cent and sales to Brazilian shoppers up 52 per cent.

The campaign is a tongue and cheek take on the stereotyipcal image of the English and features straplines including:

  • “The English gentleman is known for being a little boring in the bedroom. Except of course, when it comes to his wardrobe”

  • “The English are known for having bad teeth, that is why they need beautiful shoes”

  • “The English are well known for their fondness or orderly queues. That’s until the latest collections arrive in our store

Harvey Nichols marketing director Julia Bowe said: “The international shopper is a key customer group to Harvey Nichols.

“In this current economic climate, the UK and Harvey Nichols is an even more attractive shopping destination due to the fall in the value of the Sterling.

“We believe this series of ads will appeal to the sense of humour of the international customer looking for London’s leading selection of fashion, fragrance and food.”

The ads feature on London taxis and in specialist tourist magazines.

Yesterday, the British Retail Consortium said London retail sales were stronger than the rest of the UK due to increased tourist spend in the capital in February.