Inkpact is a CRM tool that connects the world's fastest-growing brands with their customers through a tribe of remote, home-working scribes. It crafts personalised, hand-written notes that have been proven to drive sales for global brands and put a smile on their customers' faces.

Inkpact has proven that thinking human to human can bring huge success for businesses, and personalisation within traditional communication channels has never been done on this scale. An army of scribes, all with different life stories to tell (think ballet dancers, single parents and recovering patients), produce Inkpact's notecards with beautiful handwriting, on branded stationery, in an unbelievably speedy timescale.

Inkpact get their clients' message to places other marketing activities can’t reach, cutting through the noise to get brands in the hands of their customers – no spam mail, blind CCs or 'move to bin'. A 58% increase in repeat purchases, 99% open rates and 2000% ROI have all been achieved.

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