Mobile phone retailer Everything Everywhere opens a new store model at Westfield on Monday.

The store is divided into three zones, ‘Connected on the Go’ which sells mobile products, ‘Connected at Home’, which sells communications products for the home, and ‘Connected while you Play’ which offers gaming and apps.

Mobile phones are displayed by operating system in the store which the retailer said was a reaction to customer demand.

The store also has a dedicated ‘lounge’ zone where customers can relax and have a cup of tea while store staff help them.

The retailer, which sells Orange and T-Mobile products, also sells a range of lifestyle technology items, such as home sound systems, storage solutions and home surveillance for the first time. Everything Everywhere will roll this out to more stores if it proves successful.

Everything Everywhere vp of retail Andrew Coull said: “This store is the ultimate expression of our retail philosophy – to be interactive, experience-led and a one-stop shop for customer queries.”