Luxury retailer Harrods has opened a spa for pets.

The Pet Spa – dubbed “the world’s premier destination for canine chic and feline sleek” – offers a range of treatments including behavioural counselling, full body massages and animal reiki as well as nutritional advice, personal training sessions and grooming.

Owners can also choose signature spa treatments including thalassotherapy mud baths, blueberry and vanilla facials, deluxe pedicures or can even treat their pets to a full Spa Day Experience.

Harrods head of pet spa Stephanie Mehanna said: “The new pet spa aims to cater for all needs of pets including not only grooming services but specialist spa treatments to improve general wellbeing and behaviour.

“It is important not to forget that your pet also needs time to unwind psychologically as well as physically, something that a lot of pet owners can sometimes overlook.”