Retail round-up: M&S boss pledges to revive clothing business; Sainsbury's and Tesco in health scare; M&S Christmas food.

Marks & Spencer's new boss pledges to revive its clothing business

Marks & Spencer’s new boss has pledged to turn around the clothing business by improving ranges and availability, cutting prices and offering fewer promotions, Reuters reported.

Steve Rowe appealed to the retailer's private shareholders at the annual general meeting held on Tuesday to back his attempt to revive its clothing business. The plan came with a warning of a short-term dent to sales and profit.

Rowe said in May that instead of concentrating on younger shoppers, he would focus on a 50-year-old woman he described as "Mrs M&S".

Rowe also revealed plans to create a shareholder panel that will advise the board, shape turnaround strategy and scrutinise the retailer’s performance.

Sainsbury’s and Tesco recall tins of pasta

Sainsbury’s and Tesco are recalling tins of pasta following fears of a "health risk" after it was unveiled they may contain pieces of rubber, the Daily Mirror reported.

Both supermarkets were recalling tins of beef ravioli and macaroni cheese made by Noliko N.V in Belgium, as a "precautionary measure" to avoid any health issues.

The customers have been requested not to consume the contents and bring the tins back to the store to get a refund.

M&S reveals its Christmas food collection

Marks & Spencer has already disclosed its tasty treats – including chocolate tortilla chips and Bucks Fizz crisps – for Christmas, along with some unique products which will be on the shelves in October, the Daily Mail reported.

After the retailer’s Prosecco-flavoured crisps which were introduced last year, 2016 sees the advent of Bucks Fizz-doused munchies.

Marks & Spencer has created a wreath-shaped block of cheddar, punctuated with juicy cranberries and apricots.