Retail news round-up: Apple files appeal against EU tax ruling and Weetabix staff to strike against change in shift pattern

Apple files appeal against EC’s tax ruling

Apple has filed an appeal against the European Commission’s ruling that it must pay €13bn (£11bn) in back tax to Ireland, the BBC reported.

As the company’s European headquarters are situated in Ireland, the country charges the firm only for sales on its territory at the standard rate of 12.5% corporate tax.

The EU in August said that Republic of Ireland had allowed the company to pay substantially less than other businesses.

The company said it has been singled out and was "a convenient target". It also said if the EU’s ruling stands, the company would effectively be paying 40% of all corporate tax collected in Ireland.

Ireland's finance ministry, however, said that the EC had "misunderstood the relevant facts and Irish law".

Weetabix staff to strike over shift changes

Weetabix workers are set to go on strike in early 2017 following a dispute over shift patterns, The Guardian reported.

USDAW said workers backed industrial action by a 9:1 majority on a 70% turnout.

Workplaces in Corby and Kettering will be affected.

The first strike will take place in the new year, with each strike for 24 hours and no more than one stoppage in a single week.

Usdaw member Ed Leach said the company had failed to provide suitable financial incentives for employees who had moved to new shift patterns.

Weetabix's spokesperson said: "We are disappointed by the ballot result, but respect the decision and are keen to continue discussions.

“We have plans in place to minimise any potential disruption to our operations.”