Lush’s latest plastic-free collection in collaboration with Spongebob Squarepants has crossed £1.3m in global sales since launching at the end of June.

The handmade bath and body retailer said like-for-like sales across stores in the UK and Ireland saw an 11.1% increase with footfall going up by 29% since the launch of the new collection compared with the same time last year.

Lush’s UK and Ireland websites saw a 19% increase in the last seven days compared with the same week in 2022. 

The new collection has sold more than 66,000 products so far globally in what might be Lush’s “most successful collaboration to date”. 

Lush earthcare retail communications lead Rae Stanton said: “It’s no secret global consumers are becoming increasingly conscientious about the impact of the products they buy and many are seemingly willing to accept a higher price tag for this.  

“In fact, YouGov recently reported that two in three global consumers believe that sustainable products cost more. However, as Lush recently highlighted regarding the cost-of-living crisis, making the switch from packaged to packaging-free, it is possible to even save on costs in the long term. 

“A lot of it is linked to the way we view ‘value’. We need to develop a mindset that considers the hidden impact of the products we consume. Who made them? How far have they travelled? What is the product actually made of? Does it need all this packaging? 

“Then we can begin to make more positive choices, for ourselves and the whole system we are connected to. We are so used to having things in so much packaging, some products are more about the packaging than they are what’s inside! Why are we so hooked on the stuff? If we want to waste less, we need to think differently. “