Debenhams has partnered with AI and AR beauty platform Revieve to offer consumers personalised skincare, haircare and makeup advice on the retailer’s website.

Model using AI beauty technology

The partnership will use AI technology to elevate the consumer experience and provide beauty shoppers with real-time analysis, personalised guidance and tailored recommendations.

The retailer said the experience will be rolled out in two phases with the initial phase introducing the digital skincare adviser, which offers personalised skincare recommendations, followed by a digital makeup adviser and digital haircare adviser in phase two.

Debenhams beauty director Alexandra Scolding said: “At Debenhams, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Through Revieve’s advanced platform, we not only embrace innovation, sustainability and personalisation, but also provide our customers with an unparalleled beauty journey enriched by unique insights.

“This journey spans the entirety of Revieve’s platform, where real-time analysis, personalised guidance and tailored recommendations, powered by exclusive customer data, elevate the beauty experience to new heights. We eagerly anticipate introducing the future of beauty retailing to our valued customers, setting fresh standards and enriching their beauty exploration journey.”

Revieve chief executive Sampo Parkkinen said: “Our collaboration with Debenhams signifies our unwavering commitment to revolutionising the beauty retail landscape. Together, we are setting new benchmarks for personalisation and customer-centricity in the beauty industry, all underpinned by digitalisation and sustainability. We eagerly anticipate embarking on this transformative journey.”