Sainsbury’s is launching a shop-and-go smartphone app that will allow customers to complete their entire in-store shopping trip using their mobile.

Sainsbury’s is launching a shop-and-go smart phone app that will allow customers to complete their entire shopping trip using their mobile.

The app, which is currently in development and will be trialled at the grocer’s Wandsworth supermarket later this year, will allow shoppers to scan barcodes of the items they need while at home and add them to a shopping list.

Luke Tugby got a sneak preview of the new shopping and payment app due to be launched by Sainsbury's in the coming months. He explains how it works.

A live pricing feature will update the shopping list with current store prices, allowing consumers to see how much their basket will cost.

When the user enters the store, Sainsbury’s wi-fi will bring up a map pinpointing where the items on their shopping list are stocked.

The app can then be used to scan the barcodes as customers place goods in their basket.

Payment can be made instantly by card and details can be entered into the app simply by taking a photo of their card. Shoppers can then choose to save those details within the Sainsbury’s app.

The grocer said it will implement a “payment zone” to help combat the threat of shoplifting, which will either be bounded by beacons or require customers to scan a QR code, to ensure customers “check-out” before leaving the shop.

They will then be sent a receipt directly to their phone.    

Sainsbury’s digital chiefs are planning a full roll out of the app in 2016.  

The grocer’s boss Mike Coupe said: “The mobile scan and go technology will end up being adopted across the industry.

“I think Brand Match took about a year to be copied across the industry, so I think that’s about the length of time we’ve got on this as a competitive advantage.

“But I think where we can win is with our customer interaction, offering them alternative products because they suit their lifestyle for example. Over time we can do a better job of that.”