Retailers are expected to profit from £460m worth of Halloween-related sales this year, according to forecasts from Conlumino.

Halloween infographic corrected

Halloween infographic

The forecasted figure is an increase of 4.1% on 2014, when sales were £442m, according to Conlumino’s research.

Conlumino have forecast increased sales this year across all Halloween product categories including food, costume and decoration sales.

The biggest sales increase will take place in Halloween entertainment and stationery sales, which are predicted to rise 6.5% to £75m, up from £70m in 2014.

Conlumino predicts that Halloween food sales will increase from £132m in 2014 to £134m in 2015, while decoration sales are forecast to rise 5.1% to 97m in 2015 from £92m in 2014. Clothing and costumes sales are projected to grow 5% to £155m in 2015, compared to £148m in 2014.

Grocers were the big winners in last year’s Halloween retail sales, with Conlumino’s research finding that 38.3% of Halloween clothing and costume purchases were made at a supermarket in 2014. Almost half of those purchases were made at Asda with 17.3% of shoppers buying their costume and clothing products from the supermarket giant.

Tesco dominated Halloween food sales last year as Conlumino’s figures show that 25% of shoppers bought their Halloween food products from the grocer.