Wholesaler Booker is launching a new discount fascia in a bid to rival the likes of Aldi, Lidl and Poundworld.

Booker, which operates the UK’s largest symbol group, Premier, is trialling the Family Shopper concept in one store in the West Midlands before a wider roll out, although it is not yet known how many stores it will open under the new fascia.

Booker sales director for retail Steve Fox said the symbol group has “stolen ideas from the hard and soft discounters”, with the new fascia based on “the principles of value”.

In the pilot Family Shopper store, which opened in November and covers 2,100 sq ft, 75% of stock is on permanent promotion.

The range of products has been reduced from 3,000 SKUs in a Premier store of the same size, to just 1,100 SKUs. Of that, 500 SKUs will be non-food lines, which will all be on a permanent £1 promotion.

Around 90% of goods will come from Booker. Signs around the store will advertise products under the banner of ‘Bargains Everyday’.

Fox told delegates at today’s IGD Symbol Groups conference that Family Shopper was an opportunity for independent retailers to take market share away from the discount operators in the UK, such as Poundworld, Aldi and Lidl.

The appeal of Family Shopper will be offering “clear pricing and goods at great prices”, he added.

More details about the new fascia, such as the size of the estate and store locations, are expected to be revealed in the next few weeks.