The entrepreneur behind Wellworths, the chain launched in the wake of Woolworth’s demise on one of its former sites, has left the business to set-up RRP UK, a consultancy to help other aspiring retailers.

Claire Robertson came to prominence when she re-opened the Dorchester Woolworths store, which she had managed, as Wellworths in 2009, employing the same staff. Robertson was the subject of a BBC documentary when she opened the store.

The chain was renamed Wellchester following an agreement with Woolworths owner Shop Direct who bought the brand in 2009 after its collapse.

Robertson said: “Over the last three years I have had many requests to help people, but my time was fully taken up, so I am really excited now to be able to get involved.”

Robertson said RRP, which stands for Realising Retail Potential, realised a long-time ambition to run her own business.

She said: “Although I was instrumental in setting up Wellworths and I was the manager, I did not have the lease on the store, and I was not actually a stakeholder in the business.”