Poundworld has been asked to remove ‘everything £1’ on its website after the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) deemed it misleading.

The ASA received a complaint after a shopper saw ‘manager’s special’ items in-store sold at £3 and £8.99.

Poundworld said it viewed its manager special items as a service in addition to its £1 products, which were ‘occasional’ offers it ran ahead of Christmas and at random intervals throughout the year.

It also added that it had taken steps to distinguish the ‘manager specials’ from its £1 items.

However, the ASA concluded that the claim on the website suggested every item in the store would be priced at £1 and because that was not the case, it was misleading.

Poundworld must not use the claim ‘everything £1’ in its present form, the ASA said.

The single-price point retailer has now removed the slogan from its website.

Poundworld trading director Chris Edwards Junior said: “Our proposition is simple – we aim to provide consistently great savings on over 5,000 products for the price of £1.

“However, occasionally we see a one-off product that is incredible value costing over the single price point that we believe our customers would like to see on sale.

“These offers are clearly marked as ‘manager’s specials’ and are in no way designed to confuse or mislead our customers. These exclusive deals are incredibly popular and we  have a long standing relationship with the governing bodies, working closely with them on a regular basis to ensure that all offers of these kind are correctly communicated to shoppers.”