Mamas & Papas has identified digital marketplaces as central to its online growth strategy.

The maternity specialist is launching all 3,500 product lines on both the Amazon and Tesco marketplaces by June in order to reach a new audience.

Mamas & Papas ecommerce director Rob Jennings said: “Our website won’t reach all new and expecting parents. We’ve made the decision to let our product find the customer.

“Amazon is one of the world’s largest high streets, enjoying up to half of the UK’s internet shopping population on its site. And as a launch partner on Tesco’s new marketplace model, we are part of what is certain to be a huge online shopping destination.”

The 60-store retailer believes that multichannel is key to its growth. Last year co-founder David Scacchetti said it would add only another 30 stores to its UK portfolio and beyond that would rely on its online business for growth.

Mamas & Papas is also better targeting its online marketing to help increase repeat custom.

It has worked with Experian Marketing Services to analyse online customer data.

The information has helped the retailer target offers based on which trimester the mother-to-be is in or the age of the child. Jennings said it allowed it to “pre-empt their customers’ needs”.

Since it started using analytics, repeat custom has increased 27% year on year. It will now extend the initiative to bring in data from in-store and mobile devices.

Jennings said the value of its database had “increased significantly” since it started using analytics.

Customers who opt into its marketing now spend 50% more than those who do not, said Jennings. When the due date of the child is known and more accurate marketing can be sent out, the shopper spends 130% more and transacts twice as often with the retailer.