Nordstrom is to trial full-length interactive mirrors that provide customers with information about the products they are trying on.

Using technology provided by eBay, the touchscreen mirrors will track what items are brought into the changing room and let customers know what other sizes and colours are available in-store.

The mirrors will also recommend other products that might suit the items the customer is trying on.

The mirrors will make their debut in fitting rooms at the Nordstrom Seattle Southcenter store on December 5 and later in the month at the Nordstrom Valley Fair location in San Jose, California.

To use the technology, staff scan barcodes of items outside the fitting room, which connects with the mirror to bring up information such as customer reviews of the items and other sizes and colours in stock at the store, as well as recommendations related to those products by Nordstrom’s stylists.

Using the mirror, the shopper can request products be brought into the fitting room or request general help from a member of staff.