New Look has partnered with returns management platform ZigZag Global and will start to roll out return kiosks in a selection of its stores this week.

The kiosks will offer “a free and convenient return option for customers” as shoppers can choose to return an item to a store and use a QR code to process and drop off the parcel.

While returns remain free for shoppers in-store, in comparison to the £1.99 charge for online returns that was introduced in February, the retailer said the kiosks will make returns even more convenient.

New Look said the kiosks will be “easy to find in store” and staff will be “happy to assist customers” who are still looking for interaction and a more personal experience.

New Look also said the partnership will “significantly reduce” the amount of time that staff spend on returns processing as well as improve its data collection during the process.

New Look senior product manager Rachel Troke said: One of the key drivers for launching the kiosks was that we weren’t getting the right data from our customers on why they were returning in-store.

“A lot of items were being marked down as unwanted. A trend that didn’t match up with what we were seeing with our online returns.

“We suspected that customers were perhaps too shy to dive into the exact reason for making the return with the store colleague. It is understandable to not want to discuss potential sizing issues with a stranger.

“The in-store kiosks bring back that comforting anonymity you get with online returns for the customers whilst providing better data for our buying teams.

“We will now get close to 100% coverage across our ecommerce returns, collecting valuable data that will allow us to make smarter, more informed decisions.”

ZigZag co-founder and chief executive Al Gerrie added: “ZigZag has been thrilled to work alongside New Look to expand their in-store returns offering and enhance their customer experience.

“The modern-day retail customer wants choice. Whether that’s a choice from a range of products when purchasing or different carrier and drop-off options available when returning, it is vital retailers cater to as many customer needs as possible.

“This latest innovative approach from New Look will provide customers with a free returns option, improving customer satisfaction whilst driving footfall to New Look’s shops. A win for all.”