In The Style founder Adam Frisby has won a High Court battle with Paul Clements – who claimed the In The Style brand name and concept was his creation.

Clements made his claim in 2021, saying he had created the idea for the company in 2013 and had onboarded Frisby afterwards.

Judge Mark Cawson said Clements had not played a part in the concept and development of the In The Style brand, and it was “likely” that the fashion retailer’s stock market flotation in 2020 had “formed the motivation” for the claim being made.

He added: “I have come to the firm view that the narrative advanced by Mr Frisby is the true narrative and that the narrative advanced by Mr Clements is a false one.

“On this basis, I conclude by finding that the claim as advanced by Mr Clements should be dismissed.”

Frisby said: “After what has been the most difficult and unimaginable few months of my life, I am so pleased and relieved that today the judge and the High Court have rightly ruled in my favour. 

“The judgement confirmed I have told the entire truth and the claimant was lying in every aspect of the claim. 

“Although I never doubted these fraudulent claims would be dismissed entirely, I cannot begin to tell you how gut-wrenching this process has been over the last 18 months. 

“To know that someone has been trying to deceitfully undermine the story behind In The Style – one that I am so incredibly proud of – has been really hard to cope with.

“I have worked tirelessly over the last 10 years alongside the ITS team, our influencer partners and our customers whose fantastic support has helped to make In the Style the incredible brand it is today. 

“Whilst it hurts that someone tried to take away from this story with a bare-faced lie, I am so thankful this nightmare is now over.

“I’d like to thank everyone for their kind messages and words in recent weeks. It has meant a lot to me throughout this incredibly difficult period.”

Frisby’s representatives said they are delighted with the judgement and deemed it a “fantastic result”.

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