Location, location and the attention of a target audience - Mr Porter has cracked key elements of modern, effective marketing in its latest campaign.

Those traversing their way through Canary Wharf Tube station recently would have been hard pushed to miss the menswear etailer’s takeover, which runs until June 15.

Mr Porter is making its presence known in no uncertain terms, thinking outside common advertising routes of television and print, even going beyond blink-and-you’ll-miss-it wall posters for escalator riders, by completely taking over the station frequented by affluent office-workers.

Mr Porter’s black and white creatives cover more than 70 screens and posters, as well as adorning ticket gateways and escalator fins. Also part of the campaign are key brand messages, wardrobe suggestions and iconic style quotes from the likes of Oscar Wilde and Orson Welles.

While the size and scope of the posters are impressive, it is the efforts beyond the norm that stand out. The etailer is using geo-targeted search and online display advertising, so that when searching on mobile devices in the Square Mile and Canary Wharf area, commuters will be directed to key designers and trend list pages that feature in the Mr Porter campaign. Additionally, 20,000 copies of bi-monthly newspaper The Mr Porter Post are being distributed.

Also recognising the likely lure of convenience for the city dwelling Canary Wharf crowd, Mr Porter is offering free same-day delivery throughout the course of the campaign.

This location-specific advertising strategy from Mr Porter is a canny approach, recognising the potential ROI on positioning itself in front of a key audience of young professionals and dominating both a physical and online space. No doubt there will increasingly be examples of this kind of targeted takeover, which is likely to pay off for retailers.