The arrival of universal 4G in Britain could boost the retail economy by around £1.8bn a year, according to new research by online giant eBay.

The boost represents a 113% year-on-year jump in mobile shopping, compared to 2012.

The study, compiled by analysts Conlumino, revealed that the major frustrations for UK mobile shoppers are speed, with 50.3% of those surveyed highlighting it as their major bug bear, and reliability.

The arrival of universal 4G is likely to break down those barriers and increase the likelihood of consumers shopping on smartphones or tablets, according to eBay.

The online goliath called on retailers to get their businesses 4G-ready.

eBay Europe senior director of m-commerce Olivier Ropars said: “The arrival of universal 4G will bring with it a more immersive, instant and intimate shopping experience than ever before. It won’t just turbo-charge the way we shop. It will truly give us the ability to shop anytime, anywhere. Retailers must act now and think about the virtual shop window, to turn this huge opportunity into an exciting reality.”

Conlumino director Neil Saunders added: “Retailers today must take every chance to engage consumers, inspiring them and giving them every possible opportunity to buy and interact with their brands. An omnichannel approach is key to making this happen and with universal 4G on the horizon, retailers can’t afford to stand still.”