Datamaran is the only software in the world that provides a fully automated solution for identifying and monitoring material ESG risks and opportunities. It provides leaders with a clear understanding of the ESG risk landscape, enabling them to create data-driven strategies in house with confidence. Datamaran helps leaders lead by showing them the way forward. Datamaran’s patented and award-winning technology offers real-time analytics on strategic, regulatory and reputational risks, specific to your business and value chain.

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    Retail Voice

    How ESG can boost employee engagement

    2023-06-28T05:00:00Paid for post by

    ESG factors are changing the retail industry, and offer a solution to labour shortages and employee retention challenges, says Datamaran. In this competitive market, where workers seek purpose as well as remuneration, retailers can use ESG initiatives to attract and retain talent

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    Retail Voice

    How important are climate issues to retailers?

    2023-05-25T05:00:00Paid for post by

    With 80% of businesses identifying climate change as of high importance, Datamaran takes a look at how retailers are addressing these matters and what retail leaders should be aware of when it comes to ESG