Tesco is scaling back the number of Clubcard rewards offered to customers so it can continue to offer double points on their purchases.

The level of rewards available from partner organisations - such as hotels, restaurants and leisure attractions - will be reduced, according to the Financial Times.

Carolyn Bradley, UK marketing direct at Tesco, said: “Part of the quid pro quo in keeping double points is we have had to make some adjustments to the Clubcard scheme to make it sustainable.”

The new format, which begins in December, means that customers will be able to exchange their reward points for three times the amount at partner organisations, rather than the current four times.

For example, £10-worth of Clubcard points can currently be exchanged for £40 worth of partner rewards. Under the new regime, customers will receive £30-worth.

A source close to the situation denied the move was designed to encourage customers to spend in store rather than with partner organisations, and said that customers would benefit as Tesco would be able to attract more affiliated organisations.

The source added there would be more promotions like the “big exchange” even tin August that allowed customers to double the value of rewards on some items.

Last month Tesco experimented with triple Clubcard points.