Retailers have the opportunity to shape Scotland’s cigarette display ban regulations following the publication of draft rules.

A three-month consultation, running until the end of July, on the draft regulations has been launched to give retailers the opportunity to have their say. The display ban comes into force next year for large retailers, and in 2013 for small shops.

The proposals include limiting display during a sale to an area approximately the size of a cigarette packet. Another suggested rule is that temporary or incidental display is to be allowed while stocktaking, staff training, pricing and refurbishment are taking place - for no longer than necessary to undertake the activities. They also include a fixed penalty of £200 for retailers selling tobacco products to people who buy, or attempt to buy them for under 18s, rising by £200 for every offence committed within a one year period.

Costs for refitting shops to comply with the display ban are estimated to start at £160 for a corner shop, rising to £320 for a medium-sized shop and £640 for a large store.

Scottish public health minister Shona Robison said: “I know some retailers had concerns about proposals to ban cigarette displays but the display ban is now law and I would urge retailers to use this consultation as an opportunity to shape the future of tobacco retailing in Scotland.”

The consultation will be available at